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Sequin Skirts for Work

Posted by Min Eon on 26th Aug 2019

Sequin attire at the office can be tricky. Normally associated with evening wear, sequins can look equally as amazing at work, as long as you keep a couple of tips in mind. Sequins will make you feel THIS happy at work. We promise. For day wear, any sequin clothing in muted shades and matte-finish sequins looks more understated. The shinier the sequins, the more suited they are for evening, in venues with lower lighting. Patterns are best...
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The 5 Best Designer Embellished Evening Bags Online

Posted by Miss Cee Quin & Min Eon on 25th Aug 2019

Operas, galas, cotillions, exhibitions, openings, political fundraisers. Evening bags are used at events most of us rarely, if ever attend. Paired with some of the most expensive gowns, shoes and jewelry money can buy, their prices are similarly stratospheric. After all, you don’t want one item letting the ensemble team down when your goal is hi-so perfection.But evening bags do have a functional, if somewhat sexist, purpose. Women’s evening wear...
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Sewing Your First Sequin Item. There is One BIG Secret

Posted by Min Eon on 23rd Aug 2019

Thoughts of sewing with sequin fabric can keep even the most competent seamstress awake at night. But with one BIG secret, our other handy tips, a dose of courage, and one possibly-not-very-pretty first attempt, you'll confidently add sequin dresses to your sewing repertoire. One quick word of advice right off the bat--if you're a novice, sequin fabric is not the place to start on your quest to sewing superstardom. Learn with regular fabrics and...
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