BEST Instagram JEWELRY Bling 2021

From the affordable to the unobtainable

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Best Instagram jewelry bling 2021. Who BETTER than Yours Truly to run you slathering Glitterists through this big bling adventure?

No one, poppets. Because no one knows jewelry better than Miss Cee Cee Quin.

What with all the baubles gifted over the years by many agog but short-shrifted suitors.

Not to mention the odd frequent trips to the jewelry store under her very own steam.

Jewelry is a way of life.

And at SequinQueen we ALL know that jewelry, whether the actual kind or the bijou kind, is the CREAM of bling.

Yes, bling is on every darn thing these days.

From kids’ toys to men’s ties to cars.

But the bling big guns will forever be JEWELRY.

Jewelry is a lot like money. There’s a ton out there and your job is to get your hands on as much of it as you can.

Legally of course.

Though there REALLY needs to be a movie made about these incredibly successful jewel thieves. Miss Cee is guessing that the Powers That Be don’t want TOO many people knowing it’s possible to steal over half a billion dollars of jewelry though.

Yes, that’s billion with a B, luvbugs.

But I digress. Where were we?

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Jewelry. On Instagram.

There’s a mountain of it on the ‘Gram too. So we’ve assembled the Instabling we LOVE best. Just for your drooling viewing pleasure.

Marvel at a massive precious stone or intricate bejewelled bracelet. BUY a divine beaded choker or other affordable bijou.

And once you’ve marveled AND bought be sure to peruse The Sparkling Life Magazine’s essential tips and tricks for accessorizing with bling.

2. BEST Instagram JEWELRY Bling 2021: Enormous Cushion Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring.

3. Glittering Sapphire Surrounded with Sparkling Diamonds.

4. BEST Instagram JEWELRY Bling 2021: 55.55 Carats of Clear Diamonds in One Necklace.

5. A Cabochon Ruby with Tear Drop Rubies and Diamonds Set Over a Green Enamel Base.

6. Rare Serpent Bracelet with Diamonds, Sapphires and Emeralds.

7. Two in One Earring Stud and Pendant with Blue Topaz and Shining Diamonds.

8. Elegant Ring with Pear Shaped Diamond Surrounded with Sparkling Small Diamonds.

9. BEST Instagram JEWELRY Bling 2021: Shimmery Tri Color Diamond and Gold Bangles.

11. Pure Luxury Twinkling Diamond Engagement Ring.

12. Mother of Pearl Earrings in Sterling Silver.

13. BEST Instagram JEWELRY Bling 2021: Fuchsia Pink Swarovski Crystal Necklace.

14. Beautiful Gold Ring with Clear Cut Diamonds.

15. Stunning Diamond Necklace with a Watch Pendant.

16. Emerald and Diamond Indigo War Bonnet Earrings.

17. BEST Instagram JEWELRY Bling 2021: Simple and Shiny Crystal Bracelet.

18. Yellow Pear Cut Diamond Necklace with Matching Ring.

19. Emerald Cut Clear Diamond Pendant with Emeralds and White Diamonds Necklace.

20. BEST Instagram JEWELRY Bling 2021: Pearl Heart with Ruby Locket.

21. BEST Instagram JEWELRY Bling 2021: Unset Brilliant Cut Diamond.

22. Luxurious Diamond and Multicolored Precious Gems Flower Pattern Bracelet.

23. Black Pearl Ring Surrounded by Glistening Diamonds.

24. Purple, Orange and Gold Handmade Swarovski Crystal Necklace.

25. Bead Rubies and White Sapphires in 7 Strand Necklace.

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