How Dior And Celebrities Do Bling

Perfect definition of Haute Couture bling

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How Dior And Celebrities Do Bling: The House of Dior is the perfect definition of Haute Couture bling Fashion.

Christian Dior is often described as having an “architect’s eye.” His signature style was known for its clean lines, geometric shapes, and full skirts.

Dior also ensured that each design had a detail that would enhance the dress’s silhouette.

He would use belts to draw attention to the waist and pleats to create an hourglass shape or tuck to accentuate curves.

One of Dior’s last designs came in 1959 when he created one of his most iconic dresses: the New Look.

It became popular among women who wanted their dresses to be more practical for their everyday lives.

The New Look came with long sleeves, extensive skirts, full busts, and nipped waists – it became famous for its feminine proportions and legs that appeared longer than they were.

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Here’s SequinQueen’s curated selection of the best Dior Bling on Insta, just for you.

1. Natalie Portman Wearing Dior’s Embellished Long Gown.

2. White Gold Ring and Necklace with Crystal Clear Rhinestones From Dior.

3. Victoire de Castellane Sparkling with White Gold Necklace and Matching Earrings.

4. Swiss-Made Silver Dior Round Dial Watch with Glittering Rhinestones – Pure Craftmanship.

5. Maria Grazia Chiuri Glittering In Dior’s Jewellery and Embellished Top.

6. Luxury Glittering Jewellery Necklace, Ring and Bracelet from Dior.

7. Jewelled Yellow Gold Hanging Earring from Dior with Rhinestones.

8. La Galerie Dior – Showcasing all That Glitters are Gold.

9. High Heels Closed Toe Ankle Strap Sandals from Dior with Multi-Color Rhinestones.

10. Elegant and Sophisticated Yellow Gold Necklace with Rhinestones and Matching Bracelet.

11. Asymmetrical Style Watches with Matching Rings with Glittering Rhinestones.

12. Rebecca Hall Wearing One-Of-A-Kind Couture Beaded and Jeweled Mesh Long Dress.

13. Carey Mulligan Sparkled In A Strapless Tulle Long Dress Embroidered with Crystal Beaded Ribbons.

14. Anya Taylor Joy Wearing A Short Black Embellished Dress with Short Sleeves and Pointed Toe Heels.

15. Splendid Dior Rose Collection Pendant with Blue Stones.

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