Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Instagram’s INCREDIBLE Videos Will INSPIRE You TODAY

Bling you can keep to yourself or show the world

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Best belly rings 2021. These hidden jewelry gems will inspire you.

Perhaps even enough to have someone poke a needle through your stomach!

It’s no secret that here at the SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine we love all things bling.

But we especially love bling belly rings.

There is something a little thrilling about have some bling you can keep secret if you like.

Or when the whim takes you, bare your midriff and show the world your gorgeous hidden gems.

Yes, we confess to shopping as often as possible for bling on Amazon.


And for belly rings and belly bars too.

We’ve even curated some of our best finds for bejeweled and embellished belly rings into one post, just for you.

So there’s no reason for your belly to ever go blingless.

And don’t forget to buy hypoallergenic 925 silver coated belly rings.

That way you’ll reduce the chance of your belly ring irritating your skin.

And there’s another way to make sure your bling belly ring is not an irritant.

A way that Glitterists will immediately love.

Simply get a belly ring finished in gold. Gold is unreactive so won’t cause skin inflammation.

For a more budget option look for belly rings dipped or coated in white or yellow gold.

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Or if you really want to splurge put a solid gold belly ring or belly bar with real gemstones on your shopping list.

There are more and more top quality belly rings on the market now that bling belly rings are so popular.

So let’s take a deep dive below into the incredible and incredibly artistic world of the best belly ring videos on Instagram.

Need some extra belly ring inspiration? Check out our Belly Ring Board on Pinterest. You’ll find even wilder styles to whet your bling appetite.

2. Beautiful Snake Belly Button Ring with Rhinestones.

3. Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Belly Button Ring with Rainbow Zircons.

4. Yellow Gold Playgirl Belly Ring with Crystals.

5. Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Pink Rhinestone Flower Inspired Designed Belly Bar.

6. Silver Ball Belly Button Ring with Rhinestones.

7. Three in One Belly Button with Three Clear Silver Diamonds Belly Button Ring.

8. Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Elegant Belly Button Ring with Hanging Crystal Tassels.

9. Heart On Ice, Clear Cut Diamond Heart Shaped Belly Button Ring.

10. Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Playboy Symbol Belly Button Ring with Rhinestones.

11. Marijuana Leaf In Sterling Silver with Clear Diamond Rhinestone Belly Ring.

12. Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Custom Made Belly Ring with Pink Rhinestones.

13. Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Clear Cut Diamante Belly Ring.

14. Sparkling Heart Shaped Rhinestones Belly Ring.

15. Tear Shapped Rhinestone Surrounded with Smaller Rhinestones Belly Ring.

16. Yellow Gold Belly Bars with Clear Cut and Black Rhinestones In Flower Shape Design.

17. Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Gothic Collection Belly Ring with Rhinestones.

18. A Beautiful Collection of Belly Rings with Crystals.

19. Shining Rhinestone Belly Ring with Hanging Heart Tassle.

20. Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Queen Of Hearts Belly Ring with Rhinestones.

21. Galaxy Opal Belly Ring in Hypoallergenic 925 Silver.

22. Luxurious Gold Playboy Clip On Belly Ring.

23. Green Emerald Belly Ring with Hanging Chain with Rhinestones.

24. Best BELLY RINGS 2021: Colorful Selection of Bling Belly Bars.

25. Beautiful Collection of Iced Out Belly Rings.

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