35 Best Instagram Bling RING Videos

Huge rings that SCREAM ,bling

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Best Instagram bling ring videos. Because NOTHING screams bling like an enormous ring.

But why stop at one ring when there are SO many different kinds of jewels available?


You can have one HUGE ring per finger if’n you like.

Just like Miss Cee.

Well, not every day.

But every now and then why not throw on all your jewelry and flash it around the supermarket?

Or just stay home and laze in bed watching Netflix and pampering yerownself.

Admire your bling rings each and every time you reach for a chocolate from the super sized box in your lap.

You might find that as you get older you develop a preference for one kind of stone.

Most likely it will be diamonds.

And there is NOTHING wrong with that, kids.

But don’t discount rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Sure there are PA-LENTY of semi precious stones around.

But Miss Cee advises you to not even bother with those.

Precious gems are the ONLY jewels that hold their value.

And surprisingly it is rubies and sapphires that are the rarest stones.

All of this Miss Cee has lovingly skooled you in before, just in case you need a recap.

But poppets, it CAN be difficult to work out what type of bling rings you like the most

So to help you along, here at the SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine we’ve curated the VERY best of seriously BIG bling ring videos on Instagram.

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Yes, we’ve included some semi precious stones like tourmaline, topaz and aquamarine.

But DO try to focus on the rubies and sapphires, luvbugs.

And yes, these rings WILL cost a fortune.

But start saving now and your delicate little fingies will be weighed down in something ENORMOUS ASAP.

And if that’s STILL not enough huge bling ring inspiration take a look at our Bling Ring Pinterest board for even more!

2. Elegant Wedding Halo Ring with Round Cut Diamond.

3. Beautiful Engagement Ring in 14k Gold with Diamonds on the Band.

4. Three Asscher-Cut Diamond Stones with Embellished Small Stones Unique Design Ring.

5. Opal & Diamond 18 Carat Gold and Platinum Cluster Ring.

6. Blue Sapphire Stone with Diamonds on Leaf Design Ring.

7. Luxurious Diamond Mesh Design Ring.

8. Yellow Gold Ring with Square Cut Peridot Stone.

9. Emerald Cut Aquamarine with Clear Diamond Halo Ring.

10. White Gold Ring with Tourmaline and White Diamond Halo.

11. Clear Diamond Butterfly Ring with Multi-Color Sapphires on Wings.

12. Promise of Eternity Pink Diamond with Yellow Gold Ring.

13. Oval Cut Diamond Surrounded by a Halo Mounting of Concentric Rings of Smaller Diamonds.

14. Stunning Emerald Cut Natural Brazilian Aquamarine Diamond Ring.

15. Glittering Sapphire and Diamond Ring Collection.

16. Double Band Diamond Ring with a with Huge Emerald Cut Diamond.

17. Blue Topaz Ring Featuring 18k White Gold and 18k Rose Gold.

18. White and Yellow Gold Flower Ring with Clear Cut Diamonds.

19. Elegant Diamond Stone Embellished in Sterling Silver Ring.

20. Blinged Out Diamond Ring Watch in a Lotus Design.

21. Natural Mozambique 13.50 ct Ruby Surrounded by 5cts of Round and Tear Drop Shaped Diamonds.

22. Transparent Blue Oval Cut Aquamarine with Clear Cut Diamond Halo White Gold Ring.

23. Rings with Pink Tourmaline Cabochon Cut Stones Surrounded by Clear Cut Diamonds.

24. Beautiful Glittering 5 Row Diamonds Embellished On White Gold Ring.

25. Yellow Gold Ring with Massive Yellow Diamond.

26. Yellow Gold Empire Ring with Ruby Stone.

27. Yellow Gold with Massive Purple Stone Engagement Ring.

28. White Gold Ring with Blue Diamond Surrounded with Rhinestones.

29. Yellow Gold Orchard Ring with Peridot Emerald Green Stone.

30. Cushion Cut Top-Grade Natural Rubellite Tourmaline Gemstone Over Glittering Natural Diamonds.

31. Yellow Gold Ring with Massive Opal Stone.

32. Tanzanite Blue Stone On White Gold Ring with Small Diamonds.

33. Yellow Gold Ring with A Magnificent Gold Stone.

34. Yellow Gold Ring with Multi-Color Rhinestones.

35. 10-carat Natural Blue Sapphire Stone On White Gold Ring with Cluster of Tiny Diamonds.

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