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24 Wild Ideas for Crystal Nails and Hands

Bling Nails

It may surprise some of you loyal Miss Cee stalkers fans that NEVER has a single piece o’ bling adorned the nails of herownself. The fingers, yes. But nothing below one carat. In fact, the still-single Yours Truly has a whole collection of hasty engagement rings from suitors desperate to close The Deal. And girls, take note, you do NOT give those baubles back. It SIMPLY is not done, is it Mariah? Now, where were we? Crystals on nails and hands.

No, for Miss Cee, only three PLAIN, unadorned, unembellished nail colors exist–light pink, fire-truck red (for those frisky days) and deep maroon. And acrylics? Hell will freeze over first. If your manicurist isn’t putting silk on your nails, you’re at the wrong salon.

But for those who love bling AND acrylics, there’s a whole universe of sparkle waiting to be explored, applied and inhaled. And Miss Cee, being THE Queen of All Things Bling, sure does love them (on other people). So let’s take a look at some amazeballs crystal nails–and take a walk on the truly wild side of crystallized hands.

Crystallized Nails

  • It’s possible Miss Cee may one day try a more understated look
  • Snaps for the wintry theme
  • An arresting red, in which to get arrested
  • Light pink with crystals is always a DIVINE combination
  • Iridescent crystals have added depth
  • Jewel-themed. DROOL
  • Berserk and lovin’ it
  • Next-level nail bling

And now, to really show off the bling factor of these crystallized nails, some short vids:

Here are the most blinged out nails on the internet

These nail designs are all about sparkle 💅(via In The Know)

Posted by Dose on Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Crystallized Hands

Now, here, chickadees, is where things REALLY get wild. You may think some of the fingernails with bling, above, are amazing works of art–and some fo’ sho’ are–but when you’re fixin’ to ice out your whole hand, stand back and brace yerselves for the shock wave.


Well may you now say, ‘Too much bling is just not enough on your nails OR your hands.’ You’ve got the evidence to prove it.

And Miss Cee is SERIOUSLY considering that last FULLY iced-out red hand for the office. Times two. With no-traction crystals on the finger tips, Yours Truly would be utterly unable to pick anything up, including the hourly lattes. So Min will likely find herself performing menial tasks that aren’t necessarily in her job description. Again.

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