Bling for Your BATHROOM: AMAZING Looks to Try TODAY

Take your bathroom from plain to OMG

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Bling for your bathroom. There is so much variety!

You may never have imagined that any bling was available for your bathroom.

But there is such an enormous range that you’ve probably got a lot of catching up to do.

So to help out here at the SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine we’ve curated the most interesting bathroom products available.

And the most glittering, of course.

At SequinQueen our policy is that you can never have too much bling.

And if you do, just throw on some sunglasses.

Though the range of bling for your bathroom is astounding, the items we adore the most are:

  • crystal vanity knobs
  • sparkling shower curtains
  • shower curtain hooks with rhinestones
  • diamanté toothbrush holders
  • bejewelled soap dispensers
  • crystal edged mirrors
  • glittery toilet brush holders
  • and especially bathtubs and toilets covered in rhinestones
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Scroll down for the best ideas of how to make your bathroom shine. We bet you’ll find something so inspirational you simply need to have it now.

If so, our Bling Homeware shopping section has the latest bling bathroom deals will satisfy your inner Glitterist today.

1. Matching Sequin Shower, Bath Towel, Face Towel and Foot Mat.

Bling for your bathroom Matching Sequin Shower, Bath Towel, Face Towel and Foot Mat
overstock via Pinterest

2. Elegant Glittering Silver Bathroom Tumbler.

Bling for your bathroom  Elegant Glittering Solis Tumbler
wayfair via Pinterest

3. Bling Soap Dispenser with Long Silver Studs.

Bling for your bathroom Bling Soap Dispenser with Rhinestones
wayfair via Pinterest

4. Bling for Your Bathroom: Gold Edged Soap Dish.

Bling for your bathroom Gold Rhinestones Soap Dish
wayfair via Pinterest

5. Glittering Bathroom Tissue Box Cover.

Bling for your bathroom Glittering Bathroom Tissue Box Cover
wayfair via Pinterest

6. Shimmering Gold Toothbrush Holder.

Bling for your bathroom Glittering Gold Toothbrush Holder
wayfair via Pinterest

7. Silver Mirrored Standing Toilet Brush Holder.

Bling for your bathroom Crystal Hands-Free Standing Toilet Brush and Holder
wayfair via Pinterest

8. Sparkling Bathroom Accessory Tray.

Bling for your bathroom Sparkling Bathroom Accessory Tray
wayfair via Pinterest

9. Sequin Striped Single Shower Curtain in Pink.

Bling for your bathroom Glittering Sequin Striped Single Shower Curtain
wayfair via Pinterest

10. Bling for Your Bathroom: Faceted Glass Toothbrush Holder.

Bling for your bathroom Crystal Glittering Toothbrush Holder
JCPenny via Pinterest

11. Shower Curtain Hooks Rings with Black Crystal and Diamond Gems.

Bling for your bathroom Shower Curtain Hooks Rings - Black Crystal Diamond Gems Bling
etsy via Pinterest

12. Colorful LED Light Auto Changing Shower Head.

Bling for your bathroom LED Auto Changing Shower Square Head Light Rain Water
walmart via Pinterest

13. Sparkling Vanity Mirror Light with Crystal Shades.

Bling for your bathroom Sparkling 3-Crystal Light Polished Nickel Bathroom Vanity Mirror Light
  wayfair via Pinterest

14. Bling Bathroom Accessories Set with Gold Swarovski Crystals.

Bling for your bathroom Bling Bathroom Accessories Set With Swarovski - 3 Piece Gold
 agmhomestore via Pinterest

15. Glittering Silver Mosaic Mirror Glass Bathroom Accessory Set.

Bling for your bathroom Glittering Silver Mosaic Glass 4-Piece Bathroom Accessory Set
 overstock via Pinterest

16. Gold Leaf Soap for the Guest Powder Room.

Bling for your bathroom A Little Sparkle Of Gold Powder On Your Soap

17. A Luxury Water Closet with Rhinestones.

Bling for your bathroom A Glittering Luxury Water Closet with Rhinestones

18. Bathe in this Glittering Rhinestone Tub.

Bling for your bathroom Would You Have A Bath In This Glittering Bathtub with Rhinestones

19. Mirror Wall and Floor Tiles Make a Memorable Bathroom.

Bling for your bathroom You Don't Need A Mirror For Your Bathroom Selfie Inside This Glittering Wall And Floor Tiles Bathroom

20. Bathroom Vanity Cupboard Doors with Crystal Knobs.

Bling for your bathroom Bathroom Wall Cupboard Doors with Crystal Knows

21. Just a Touch of Bathroom Bling. Glittering Recessed Shelf Tiles.

Bling for your bathroom Love A Bit Of Bathroom Bling? Glittering Recessed Shelves Tiles

22. Bling for Your Bathroom: Glam Décor Diamanté Dispenser.

Bling for your bathroom Glam Decor Crystal Bling Soap Dispensers

23. Crystal Faucet Knob Bling.

Bling for your bathroom Clear Crystal Faucet Knob Bling

24. Bling for Your Bathroom: Rhinestone Bathroom Organizer.

Bling for your bathroom Love Diamonds? Love Glam? Then You'll Love This Bathroom Organizer

25. Add a Little More Bling To Your Bathroom with a Crystal Décor Mirror.

Bling for your bathroom Add A Little More Bling To Your Bathroom with The Crystal Decor Mirror

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