Bling WEDDING ACCESSORIES: Touches of Magic for Your Special Day

Wedding day bling is a must

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Bling wedding accessories. They’ll be the SECOND star of your wedding.

Having the right amount of sparkle in your life is like having the right amount of oxygen.


Plus, unlike oxygen, you can never have too much bling.

Where were we? Your wedding day.

Your wedding dress may or may not have a lot of bling on it. However, in Miss Cee’s opinion your bridal gown should have either a touch or an overdose of bling.

But no matter what the level of bling on your wedding gown you can up the WOW! factor easily. Simply ensure your bridal accessories are also dripping with crystals and rhinestones.

At SequinQueen we love weddings. We even have a whole section devoted to weddings.

And the reason is that you get to break the bling rules on your wedding day.

This is the one time in your life when you MUST sparkle.

Okay. So you can sparkle EVERY day like a true Glitterist if’n you feel like it. But on your big day it’s positively expected.

So even if your dress is shimmering your accessories can be too.

And by accessories Miss Cee means your:

  • wedding slippers or wedding heels
  • traditional wedding garter
  • wedding tiara or hair combs
  • earrings
  • wedding bracelet
  • bouquet
  • wedding gloves
  • fingernails
  • bridesmaids
  • the groom’s lapel
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You’ve prolly got the engagement ring already all sewn up. Is it huge and does it sparkle a LOT? If not ask yourownself why you’re walking down that aisle so prematurely then.

But otherwise bling your wedding look to the max.

Because bling is one of the BEST things in life.

Along with love.

1. Gold Floral Bridal Tiara with Rhinestones and Pearls.

Bling wedding accessories Rose Gold Floral Bridal Tiara with Glittering Rhinestones
darethcolburn via Pinterest

2. Elegant Freshwater Pearl Stud Bridal Earrings with Crystals.

Bling wedding accessories Elegant Freshwater Pearl Stud Bridal Earrings
darethcolburn via Pinterest

3. Bling Wedding Accessories: Bridal Pearl and Zirconia Bracelet.

Bling wedding accessories Floral, Feminine & Showstopping Sparkle Bridal Pearl & CZ Bracelet
darethcolburn via Pinterest

4. Silver, Pearl and Crystal Bridal Comb.

Bling wedding accessories Feminine, Floral & Full Of Sparkle - Pearl & Crystal Bridal Comb
darethcolburn via Pinterest

5. Floral Vine and Leaf Edge Rhinestones Veil.

Bling wedding accessories  Layer Floral Vine & Leaf Edge Rhinestones Veil
darethcolburn via Pinterest

6. Lustrous Crystal Gemstones Wedding Hair Band.

Bling wedding accessories Dainty, Darling & Full Of Lustrous Shimmer Hand-Wired Opals & Crystal Gemstones
darethcolburn via Pinterest

7. Crystal, Moonstone and Pearl Bridal Jewelry Set with Tiara.

Bling wedding accessories Glittering Noble Crystal Beads Pearl Bridal Jewelry Sets
etsy via Pinterest

8. Sparkling Bridal Silver Diamanté Wedding Garter.

Bling wedding accessories Sparkling Bridal Silver Diamond Wedding Garter
etsy via Pinterest

9. Tulle Bridal Fingerless Glittering Rhinestones Gloves.

Bling wedding accessories Tulle Bridal Fingerless Glittering Rhinestones Gloves
etsy via Pinterest

10. Gold Pearls and Swarovski Crystal Lace Fingerless Gloves.

Bling wedding accessories Glittering Bride Pearls and Swarovski Crystal Gold Fingerless Gloves
etsy via Pinterest

11. Wedding Groom Rhinestone Lapel Flower.

Bling wedding accessories Glittering Wedding Groom Rhinestone Flower Favour
wayfair via Pinterest

12. Ivory Lace Bride’s Garter with Crystals.

Bling wedding accessories Ivory Lace Garter with Rhinestones Embellished Bowes For The Bride
glassslipperformals via Pinterest

13. Sparkling Silver Sequins Wedding Favor Box.

Bling wedding accessories Sparkling Classy Silver Sequins Red Diamond Bow Favor Box
  zazzle via Pinterest

14. Bling Wedding Gift Card Dropbox.

Bling wedding accessories Blinged Wedding Gift Card Dropbox
 etsy via Pinterest

15. Fingernail Sparkle for Your Wedding Day.

Bling wedding accessories Nail Sparkle On Your Big Day
 weddingchicks via Pinterest

16. Wedding Cake with Sparkling Rhinestones.

Bling wedding accessories White Round Wedding Cake with Sparkling Diamond Bling Rhinestones and A Glittering Cake Raiser
etsy via Pinterest

17. Rose Gold Natural Morganite and Diamond Wedding Ring.

Bling wedding accessories  14K Rose Gold Natural Morganite and Diamond Double Under Halo Diamond 3D Wedding Ring
etsy via Pinterest

18. Teardrop Bridal Brooch Bouquet.

Bling wedding accessories Elegant Hand Made Full Brooch Teardrop Bridal Brooch Bouquet
glambouquet via Pinterest

19. Floral Pattern with Rhinestones Bridal Headpiece.

Bling wedding accessories Simple and Classy Floral Pattern with Rhinestones Bridal Headpiece
nkbride via Pinterest

20. Purple Nail Polish with Rhinestones in a Floral Design.

Bling wedding accessories Purple Nail Polish with Rhinestones and Floral Design
jin-lim.blogspot via Pinterest

21. Glittering Blush Pink Bridesmaid Brooch Bouquet.

Bling wedding accessories Glittering Blush Pink Bridesmaid Bouquet
etsy via Pinterest

22. Wedding Tall Glass Crystal Candle Holder Centrepiece.

Bling wedding accessories Wedding Tall Glass Crystal Candle Holder Centrepiece
etsy via Pinterest

23. Clear Crystal Candle Holder Centerpiece.

Bling wedding accessories Clear Glass Crystal Candle Holder Centerpiece
etsy via Pinterest

24. Flower Design Wedding Sash Belt with Crystals.

Bling wedding accessories Flower Design Sash Belt with Crystal Rhinestone Briday Waist Belt
LucyBridalBoutique via Pinterest

25. Wedding Bridal Hair Comb with Rhinestones in Rose Gold.

Bling wedding accessories Wedding Bridal Hair Comb with Rhinestone In Rose Gold
etsy via Pinterest

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