Celebrity Bling Fashion

Wearing bling conveys many connotations

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Celebrity Bling Fashion is familiar to many people today.

The word refers to the elaborate jewellery, glittering clothes, watches and other accessories worn by celebrities and the rich.

In this sense, the term bling denotes a certain status that is afforded to those who purchase expensive fashion accessories.

Clearly, wearing bling conveys many connotations related to celebrity status and values.

Bling also conveys a person’s lavish, over-the-top lifestyle, which is separate from and less common than the lifestyles of those who do not wear bling.

Indeed, wearing bling separates those who possess it from those who do not— and can even set apart celebrities from regular people.

Many believe that celebrities use bling to differentiate their lifestyles from ordinary people.

For example, Kim Kardashian, a famous American reality TV star, wears blingy jewellery such as her $400,000 18-karat rose gold William Rufus Wallace engagement ring.

She garnered fame by marrying football player Kris Humphries in 2014.

These are all ways that musicians and singers try to distinguish themselves from one another.

They often compete with one another in terms of what they wear and how much they spend on blingy accessories.

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In addition, rappers and singers wear flashy rings to signify their status as celebrities.

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They use these rings to differentiate themselves from average citizens who lack access to such wealth.

This sense of “outsiderness” can be interpreted as a form of posturing— which is evident in the fact that many celebrities wear these accessories for public display.

Some have argued that celebrities use bling to set themselves apart from other celebrities.

For example, singer Justin Timberlake often wears custom platinum jewellery such as his $300,000 and 18 karats platinum suit codpiece featuring a diamond obelisk.

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Here’s SequinQueen’s curated selection of the best Celebrity Bling Fashion on Instagram, just for you.

1. Gorgeous Lili Reinhart Wearing A Long Green Sequin Gown with Pointed Toe Heels and Hanging Earrings.

2. Vanessa Hudgens Wearing A Short Black Dress with High Neck and Multi-Color Sequins.

3. The Beautiful Taylor Swift Wearing A Striped Long Sleeves Hump Suit with Short Pants and High Heels.

4. Dualipa Wearing A Two Piece Embellished Cami Top and Skirt with High Boots.

5. Evergreen Beyonce Wearing A Black Long Wrap Rhinestones Embellished Dress with Long Sleeves and Matching Evening Clutch.

6. Selena Gomez Wearing A Long Gold Embellished Gown with Hanging Earrings.

7. Celine Dion Wearing A Red Sequin One Shoulder Gown with Knee High Slit and High Heel Sandals.

8. Ariana Grande Wearing A Dark Blue Short One Shoulder Dress with Silver Sequin Trim and High Heel Shoes.

9. Imaan Hammam Wearing A Versace Long White Cami Gown with Sequin Stars and Rhinestones.

10. Kendall Jenner Wearing A Black Sequin Tube Top Dress with Knee High Black Boots.

11. Mariah Carey Wearing A Long Sleeves Gold Sequin Fabric Gown with A Deep V-Neck, High Slit and Heels.

12. Jlo Wearing D&G Long Pant and Top with An Embellished Long Throw Over Coat and High Heels.

13. Kim Kardashian Wearing An Embellished Skin Tone Long Gown with Open Back and High Slit.

14. The Gorgeous Zendaya Dressed Up Like A Fairy Disney Princess.

15. Cardi B Wearing A Gold Embellished Long Gown with Heels and Matching Necklace.

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