Celebrity JEWELRY: Drool Over Your Fav Big Bling

Expect a lot of not-so-humble bragging

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Celebrity Jewelry is accessorizing taken to the next level.

Sometimes celebs are wearing jewelry on loan from famous jewelry houses like Cartier or Harry Winston or Tiffany’s.

But sometimes the bling baubles are their own.

This is especially true for celebrity engagement rings.

Thanks to their own hefty salaries and the fact they often get hitched to other celebs with equally hefty salaries these engagement rings can be true rocks.

Is that kind of bling out of your reach?

If you’re like most people then yes.

SequinQueen Shop

But these days you can also find fine costume jewelry at very reasonable prices online. Take SequinQueen’s curated list of bling accessories. Any of these sparkling rings, necklaces, bracelets or brooches will make any budding Glitterest truly sparkle. And stand out.

Fake it till you make it?

1. Michelle Williams’ Engagement Ring is a Large Pearl Solitaire Set with Two Sparkling Baguettes.

Celebrity Jewelry Michelle Williams and Thomas Kail Wears Her Engagement Ring with a Large Pearl Solitaire Set with Two Sparkling Baguettes
people via Pinterest

2. Mariah Carey Wears a Diamond Rock Surrounded with Smaller Pink Diamonds.

Celebrity Jewelry Mariah Carey Wears A Big Diamond Rock Surrounded with Small Diamonds
popsugar via Pinterest

3. Hilary Duff Prefers a Beautiful Emerald Cut Diamond Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry: Hilary Duff Prefers a Beautiful Emerald Cut Diamond Ring
popsugar via Pinterest

4. Melania Trump Also Wears a Big White Diamond Emerald Cut Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry Melania Trump Wears A Big White Diamond Sparkling Ring
popsugar via Pinterest

5. Rihanna Wears a Glittering Pave Diamond Necklace with a Red Tear Drop Shaped Ruby.

Celebrity Jewelry Rihanna Wears A Glittering Diamond Necklace with A Red Tear Drop Shaped Diamond
zimbio via Pinterest

6. Scarlett Johansson Wears a Luminous Pearl Necklace.

Celebrity Jewelry Scarlett Johansson Wears White Sparkling Pearls Necklace
airbifunow via Pinterest

7. Celebrity Jewelry: Sarah Hyland Wears an Oval Shaped Glittering Diamond Engagement Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry Sarah Hyland and Wells Adam Wears An Oval Shaped Glittering Diamond Ring
people via Pinterest

8. Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger Sport a Round Cut Diamond on a Golden Band.

Celebrity Jewelry Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger Wear A Round Cut Diamond On A Golden Band
people via Pinterest

9. Celebrity Jewelry Catherine Zeta-Jones Showing Off Her Antique Diamond Cut Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry Catherine Zeta-Jones Wear An Antique Diamond Cut Ring
popsugar via Pinterest

10. SJP Wears a Glittering Diamond Solitaire Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry SJP Wears A Glittering Diamond Cut Ring
harpersbazaar via Pinterest

11. Julia Garner Wearing a Solitaire Diamond Mounted on a Band.

Celebrity Jewelry Julia Garner and Mark Foster Wear a Solitaire Diamond Mounted On A Band
people via Pinterest

12. Jessica Simpson’s Glittering Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry Jessica Simpson's Glittering Ruby Engagement Ring
Mann’s Jewelers via Pinterest

13. Celebrity Jewelry: Emma Slater Wears a Wine Colored Sapphire on a Glittering Band of Diamonds.

Celebrity Jewelry Emma Slater Wears a Purple Cut Diamond Stone On A Glittering Band of Diamonds
closerweekly via Pinterest

14. Jennifer Garner Wearing Her 4.5 Carat Diamond Ring with an Antique Style Diamond Necklace and Earrings.

Celebrity Jewelry Jennifer Garner Wears Her 4.5 Carat Diamond Ring
closerweekly via Pinterest

15. Cardi B Wears Her Massive Pear Shaped Diamond Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry Cardi B Wears Her Tear Drop, Shaped Diamond Ring
elle via Pinterest

16. Pippa Middleton’s Diamond Engagement Ring is Set in an Antique Style.

Celebrity Jewelry Pippa Middleton and James Matthews Show Their Diamond Cut Glittering Wedding Ring
elle via Pinterest

17. Celebrity Jewelry Brooke Shields Wears Her Antique Platinum and Diamond Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry Brooke Shields Wears Her Antique Platinum and Gold Diamond Ring
closerweekly via Pinterest

18. Jennifer Lopez Has a Huge Emerald Cut Diamond Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry Jennifer Lopez Wears Her Square Diamond Cut Ring
elle via Pinterest

19. Gwyneth Paltrow Showing Her Cushion Cut Glittering Diamond Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry Gwyneth Paltrow Wears Her Square Cut Glittering Diamond Ring
closerweekly via Pinterest

20. Celebrity Jewelry: Meghan Markle Wearing Her Diamond Engagement Ring.

Meghan Markle Wears Her Diamond Glittering Ring
elle via Pinterest

21. Angelina Jolie Wears a Black Pearl Necklace and Earring Set.

Celebrity Jewelry Angelina Jolie Wears Her Black Pearl Necklace and Earring with The Classic Bun Hair Style
stylebistro via Pinterest

22. Sarah Jessica Parker Wears a Diamond and Black Metal Choker, Earring and Ring Combination

Celebrity Jewelry Sarah Jessica Parker Wears On A Black Chocker and Ring with Smokey Eye Makeup
marieclaire via Pinterest

23. Elizabeth Taylor Wearing Bulgari Emeralds and Diamond Earrings, Brooch and Tiara.

Celebrity Jewelry Elizabeth Taylor Wearing The Bulgari Jewelry with Green Emerald Stone and Rhinestones
vogue globo via Pinterest

24. Celebrity Jewelry: Angelina Jolie Said Yes to this Custom Made Glittering Diamond Ring.

Celebrity Jewelry Angelina Jolie Said Yes To This Custom Made Glittering Diamond Ring
closerweekly via Pinterest

25. Keira Knightley Wears a Cabochon Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Bulgari necklace.

Celebrity Jewelry Keira Knightley Wears a Blue Sapphire Blue Stone with Multi Colour Rhinestones Bulgari necklace
popsugar via Pinterest

Celebrity JEWELRY Conclusion

Humble bragging?

Or, if you’ve got it flaunt it?

Most likely the latter. It’s pretty hard to hide rocks the size most celebs wear.

The SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine loves glitter in all its forms.

Even if it comes with just a hint of the green eyed monster.

See more of SequinQueen’s collection of the very best bling fashion and accessories online now at Instagram!

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