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27 MUST-Have Bling Accessories for Cars

Blinged Out Car Accessories

Do you drive a supercar? A Ferrari, or maybe a Lamborghini? No? Then you know most other cars are pretty boring. Point A to Point B functionality, drab interiors, unimaginative styling. There is no WOW! factor, nothing that catches the eye. Nothing that dazzles, glitters or shines. There is no bling for cars.

Until now.

Throughout recorded human history, impressive achievements abound; from the wheel, right through to missions to the Moon and Mars. But at no other time in history have so many people woken up each day and spent all their working hours figuring out how to get more shimmering crystals into and onto your car.

Here at the SequinQueen Fashion Blog, we promise that if you buy and install every one of these crystal car accessories, you’ll be a menace to every other driver on the road every time the sun’s out. And probably to your passengers too.

So prepare to stand out from the crowd, grab your sunglasses, and read on to start planning your automotive WOW! factor today with bling accessories for cars.

Exterior Bling Accessories for Your Car:

1. Crystal License Plate Frames

2. Tyre Valve Caps in Crystals

3. Hood Ornament with Crystals

4. Hood Ornament Iced Out Ring

5. Trunk Badge in Rhinestones

Interior Bling Accessories for Cars:

6. Rear-View Mirror Bling Trim

7. Seat Belt Adjustment Crystal Clip

8. Start Button and Ring with Bling

9. Blinged Out Seat Belt Shoulder Pad

10. Crystallized Visor Tissue Holder

11. Handbrake Cover with Bling

12. Crystal Air Vent Charms

13. Rhinestone Headrest Support

14. Crystal Steering Wheel Covers

15. Crystal Mobile Phone Holder

16. Iced Out Car USB Charger

17. Padded Plush Armrest Cover with Crystals

18. Seat-side Storage Box with Bling

19. Headrest Hangers with Crystals

20. Blinged Out Cigarette Lighter

21. Air Vent Rings with Rhinestones

22. Speaker Rings with Crystals

23. Door Lock Rings in Bling

24. Control Switch Buttons in Crystal and Gold

25. Iced Out Headrest Collars

26. Hanging Car Charms with Bling

27. Put-it-Anywhere Rhinestone Car Sticker


Quite an array of crystal car accessories, we think you’ll agree! Our favorites are definitely the air vent charms, followed closely by the rhinestone sticker, above. If there’s somewhere left that doesn’t have crystals on it, you’ll be able to sticker away and ice-out that too.

And don’t forget to check out even MORE ideas for automotive bling in our Car Accessories section.

Oh, and it seems that even if you do have a Ferrari or Lambo you’ll still need some help with the WOW! factor:

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