Bling WEDDING RECEPTIONS: 25 Perfect IDEAS for YOUR Special Day

STUN your wedding guests

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Bling wedding receptions. IS there any other kind?

Well, there ARE drab wedding receptions. We’ve all been to our fair share.

But honestly, your friends and family are NOT there to see you actually tie the knot.

They are there for the free food and drink.

So luvbugs, you’d better not disappoint.

And the best way to do that is to have a venue that looks magical. And food and drinks that are fabulous.

On ALL fronts, the more bling you’ve sprinkled around the more impressed people will be.

Yes poppets, that certainly DOES include food and drink related bling. There’s no harm in eating a bit of pure gold every now and then.

At SequinQueen we’re devoted to helping you solve your sequin, bead and crystal dilemmas.

Especially for weddings.

We even have a whole carefully curated section just for wedding bling.


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Because there is nothing more terrifying at a wedding reception than a gaggle of great-aunts who’ve missed out on the crab cakes.

But if those selfsame aunts are blinded by your wedding reception bling they won’t be able to find the crab cakes in the first place.

So scroll down, chickadees, and marvel at Miss Cee’s SHIMMERING tips for maximizing the bling for your wedding day, wedding breakfast, or wedding reception.

You are SO welcome.

1. Every One has Always Wanted a Silver Sequin Wedding Tablecloth with Crystal Flower Vases and Cake Stand. SEIZE the Opportunity.

Bling wedding receptions Silver Sequin Wedding Cake Tablecloth with Crystal Flower Vase and Cake Raiser
etsy via Pinterest

2. Old Gold Sequin Tablecloth for Wedding Receptions with Gold Trimmed Plates. Oh yes.

Bling wedding receptions Sequin Tablecloth for Wedding Reception Table Linens
glambouquet via Pinterest

3. Perfectly Pretty Wedding Toasting Flutes, Cake Server Sets, Wedding Dress Coat hanger and Hatbox. ALL with Crystal Embellishment.

Bling wedding receptions Vintage Wedding Toasting Flutes and Cake Server Sets
etsy via Pinterest

4. Castle Wedding Cake with Hanging Crystals Edges. Slip the Bling in EVERYWHERE You Can.

Bling wedding receptions Disney Castle Wedding Cake Topper with Hanging Crystals
etsy via Pinterest

5. Even a Grand Pollen Trap Flower Arrangement Will Benefit from Adding a LOT of Crystal Chandeliers.

Bling wedding receptions Wow! How grand is this wedding stage?
nigerianwedding via Pinterest

6. Even a Grand TREE Will Benefit from Adding a LOT of Crystal Chandeliers.

Bling wedding receptions Bling wedding receptions Bright Sparkling Garden Setup Wedding - Pure Nature
thecrimsonbride via Pinterest

7. Plonk Down as Many Glittering Crystal Wine Glasses as Each Wedding Table Can Take.

Bling wedding receptions Glittering Crystal Wine Glasses - Ready to Serve On A Table
etsy via Pinterest

8. If’n It’s NOT Bug Season Take the Reception Outdoors with Sparkling White Fairy Lights.

Bling wedding receptions Take the Reception Outdoors with Sparkling White Fairy Lights
blog.wellappointedhouse via Pinterest

9. Crystal Candle Holders for a Wedding Dinner Table WILL Make the WHOLE Room Sparkle.

Bling wedding receptions Acrylic Crystal Bead Votive Candle Holders For A Wedding Dinner Table
orientaltrading via Pinterest

10. Serve Yourself Krug and Your Guests Plonk. Glittering Bride and Groom Champagne Bottle Covers WILL Hide the Label but NOT the Gold Bling on the Bottle.

Bling wedding receptions Glittering Bride and Groom Decorated Champagne Bottles
arcticaoy via Pinterest

11. Wedding Champagne Glasses in Ivory/White Hand Painted Wedding Flutes with Pearls are Perfection for the Bridal Toast.

Bling wedding receptions Wedding Champagne Glasses In Ivory/White-Hand Painted Wedding Flutes-Pearls
etsy via Pinterest

12. A Night Wedding CAN Be Enchanting if You’ve Trained a Monkey to Decorate the Trees with Glittering Lights.

Bling wedding receptions Utterly Whimsical Night Under the Moon While You Exchange Your Vowes
modwedding via Pinterest

13. QUITE the Bevy of Sparkling Crystal Wine Glasses Ready for the Guests to Enjoy the Open Bar at Your Expense.

Bling wedding receptions Sparkling Crystal Wine Glasses Ready For Your Toast
  modwedding via Pinterest

14. Decorating You Wedding Reception with a Billion Lights is ALWAYS a Good Bling Play.

Bling wedding receptions Doesn't It Look Like A Grand Bright Outdoor Wedding?
 wedinspire via Pinterest

15. As Long as No One is Wearing Anything Flammable then Sparklers Add Sparkle to Your Wedding Event.

Bling wedding receptions Now This Is Really Some Sparkle On The Big Day
 weheartit via Pinterest

16. White Round Wedding Cake with Sparkling Diamond Bling Rhinestones on a Glittering Cake Stand. And IN the Sunlight for MAXIMUM Stun.

Bling wedding receptions White Round Wedding Cake with Sparkling Diamond Bling Rhinestones and A Glittering Cake Raiser
etsy via Pinterest

17. Love These Gold Flecked Macarons? Try Stacking Them for a Quirky Cake. Or Just Eat Them Before Everyone Arrives.

Bling wedding receptions Everyone Loves These Gold Flecked Macarons. Try Stacking Them For a Quirky Cake
wedding-venues via Pinterest

18. Good Decision to Have a Gold Glittering Wedding Cake Surrounded By Pretty Cupcakes!

Bling wedding receptions Good Decision To Have a Gold Glittering Wedding Cake Surrounded By Pretty Cupcakes!
wedding-venues via Pinterest

19. NOT Sure About the Succulents on Top but the Gold Leaf is TDF!

Bling wedding receptions Sometimes All You Need Is A Gold Glittering Tier!
wedding-venues via Pinterest

20. Want EVERONE to Appreciate the Amount of Crystal Stemware Bling on the Table? Then Keep the Flowers Out of the Damn Way.

Bling wedding receptions A Floral-Filled Wedding Dining Hall
stylemepretty via Pinterest

21. See Above. AND Hang Glass Baubles from Your Skyscraper Wedding Flower Arrangements.

Bling wedding receptions Luxury Sparkling Green, White and Gold Wedding Reception Table Centerpiece
modwedding via Pinterest

22. Mini Wedding Cakes in White with a Floral Design and Rhinestone Trims. Yes and Yum.

Bling wedding receptions Wedding Cake In White with A Floral Design and Rhinestone Trims
cakesdecor via Pinterest

23. Champagne Wedding Flutes with Glittering Swarovski Crystals. Perfection Achieved.

Bling wedding receptions 
 Champagne Wedding Flutes with Glittering Swarovski Crystals
etsy via Pinterest

24. Silver Toasting Flutes, Cake Server Knife and Plate with Chunky Swarovski Crystal Gems. There is NO Need for Understatement on Your Wedding Day, Kids.

Bling wedding receptions Silver Toasting Flutes, Cake Server Knife and Plate with Swarovski Crystal Gems
etsy via Pinterest

25. Bottle Décor Bride and Groom Outfits. This Time with Pearls. Uncle Frank will Be Able to Take These Home for His Pet Pythons.

Bling wedding receptions Bottle Decor For Wedding, Bride and Groom Champagne Bottle
etsy via Pinterest

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