BEST Bling FACE MASK Videos 2021

Wear some sparkly art on your face

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Best bling face mask videos 2021. Let us all hope, poppets, that we won’t need to do an update to this post in 2022.

SURELY the COVID-19 situation will be calming down by then.

But in the meantime one of the best things we can ALL do is wearing masks in public.

And if you’ve got to do that you may as well make damnably sure it’s a BLING face mask you’re strapping to your ears.

Because why the hell not? There’s GOT to be SOME joy to be had, kids.

Well, apart from not having to wear any lippy. That’s pretty joyous too.

They say necessity is the mother of invention. And in the case of bling facemasks never a truer word has been spoken.

Glitterists the world over looked at the vast expanse of masky nothingness yoking everyone’s lower face and decided to act.

They treated the fabric available as canvasses on which to let their sparkling artistic imaginations soar!

As all you luvbugs can imagine, the results are astounding.

Not only are face masks with bling now widely available but the sheer variety and inventiveness is also as mind-blowing.

As usual the devoted bling minions here at the SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine had a whole passel of trouble narrowing down the best bling facemask videos.

SequinQueen Shop

But they persevered.

In between fetching hourly lattes for Miss Cee.

They also recklessly threw in a few non-COVID face masks just for the fun of it.

So without further ado or shimmery waffling, here for your viewing pleasure are Instagram’s best bling face mask videos 2021.

And if you’re greedy for more after these take a squizz at our Pinterest Board with even MORE fabulous mask ideas.

2. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021: Purple and Teal Sequin Face Mask.

3. White Cotton Mask with Purple Sequin and Pearl Embroidery Mask.

4. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021: Pink Cotton Face Mask with Embellished Crystals.

5. Cotton Reuseable Face Masks with Rhinestones.

6. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021: Blinged Out, Smart LED Face Mask.

7. Elegant Cotton Reuseable Sequin Mask with Mask Chain.

8. Black Facemask with Broken Mirror LED Light Effect.

9. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021:Black Reusable Sequin Mask.

10. Custom Made Smart LED Face Mask with Plastic Wings.

11. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021: Light Pink Sequin Reusable Face Mask.

12. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021: Black Reusable Sequin Mask.

13. Rose Gold Sequin Face Mask.

14. Mermaid Inspired Face Mask with Shell Type Sequins and Rhinestones.

15. Silver Broken Mirror Sequin Mask with Feathers.

16. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021: Stunning Colorful Sequin Face Masks.

17. Stunning All Gold Sequin Reusable Facemask.

18. Black Sequin Face Mask with Custom Color Mask Chain.

19. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021: Fabulous Gold Sequin Face Mask.

20. Black Or Purple Sequin Face Mask.

21. Blinged Out Gold Sequin with Black Border Face Mask.

22. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021: Glittering Sequin Face Tube Mask.

23. Bling-ed Out Silver Sequin Cotton Reuseable Face Mask.

24. Stunning White Cotton Face Mask with Silver Sequins.

25. Best Bling Face Mask Videos 2021: Reversible Sequins Mask.

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