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Blinged Out GIFT Ideas for Kids 12 LIVELY Solutions for PARENTS

Kid's Gift Ideas for Christmas

Are your children total nightmares (to buy for)? Then look no further than SequinQueen’s blinged out gift ideas for kids. And this is only twelve of the HUGE selection in our Children’s Bling Department.

Miss Cee’s very-own jury is still out on the subject of children. What’s that quote? Something like, ‘They make you think about someone else the whole time.’ Which, from personal experience, is true–Min, who has two kiddies, can barely concentrate on Yours Truly when she’s in the office and CONSTANTLY takes calls that feature screaming in the background.

Min does, however, seem to get five minutes’ worth of peace whenever she dangles a gift at the fruits of her loins. And the shinier the better (the gift, not Min’s loins). Sometimes even just a HINT of said gift does the trick.

Without further palaver then, Children’s Blinged-out Gift Ideas:

1. Girls’ Sequin Unicorn Jumpsuit

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2. Magic Reversible Sequin Cushion for Children

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3. Toddlers’ Sequin UGG Boots Blinged Out Gift Ideas for Kids

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4. Reversible Sequin Dinosaur Backpack

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5. Girls’ Sequin and Rainbow Party Dress

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6. Sparkle Rock Art Kit

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7. Never Touch a Shark Board Book

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8. Sequin Art Mermaids Craft Set

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9. Princess Jewelry Dress Up Set

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10. Boys’ Magic Sequins Superhero Tee

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11. Boys’ Sequin Tuxedo Set

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12. Sequin Unicorn Plush Toy

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Blinged out Gift Ideas for Kids Conclusion

Now don’t forget, peeps, that if none of those sparkly gifts look set to tickle your or your kiddies’ fancies, then check out the UTTERLY gorgeous and enormous range we’ve curated just for you in our Children’s Clothing section, and in our Children’s Toys, Shoes and Bags section.

Anyhoot, you’ll notice, dear dear poppets, that Miss Cee didn’t have the strength to write a pithy comment to accompany each item in the list above. First, it’s champagne o’clock (lunch time). And second, that’s enough thinking about children and their wares for the mo.

At SequinQueen, we’re putting together the Internet’s Biggest Collection of Unique Sequin, Bead and Crystal Fashion and Gifts, all in one convenient shopping location.

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