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Bling CARS. WILD Bling Takes Your Auto from Drab to FAB

Sequins, crystals and beads, as you DIVINE poppets will have noticed, is on absolutely everydamnthing these days. Your already-on-their-last-legs retinas are only saved by the relatively small scale of the bling applications. A shoe here, a patch on a t-shirt there, ten fingernails at the checkout, an elongating earlobe at the gala. But even a whole dress in sequins and/or crystals has a relatively small surface area compared to completely frickin’ iced-out bling CARS.

There’s No Transport like Bling Transport

Many of you slathering fans expect Miss Cee owns such a blinding ve-hic-le herownself. But, truth be told, Yours Truly still prefers older-fashioned methods of cross-town transportation. Such as a palanquin, upon which four lavishly oiled gym-bunnies bear one’s sacred carcass aloft like the Temple of Delights it was is.

Sedan Chair
  • Much like that

If, however, Miss Cee DOES, one drab day, make a two-thousand-plus years leap forward into the present era then an automobile completely covered in crystals, Swarovski or otherwise, will be v. v. tempting.

  • Much like that. MINUS the two dead sheep on the front seats obvs

Whether that ultra-sparkly day comes or not, Miss Cee, THE Queen of All Things Bling, already has some glittering competition in the iced-out automotive category.

  • Gold or silver? Choices, choices. Okay, both then (by @inha4dinner)
  • But that pink! Perdy (by @exotic.turbos)

Night-time Auto Bling is Blinding

And one thing any addict of bling knows is that, quite the opposite to what the uninitiated expect, crystals shine nicely during the day but are UTTERLY off the charts under lights at night.

  • Daytime glitter. Ho-hum
  • Night-time. O-M-effing-G

Bling Cars Conclusion

Start saving now, kids, because this much bling does NOT come cheap. Actually, don’t bother saving. It takes too long. Just blow your hard-earned dosh on the car-themed crystal you can afford right now by checking out our ENORMOUS range of bling accessories and take your car from drab to faaaaaab!

At SequinQueen, we’re putting together the Internet’s Biggest Collection of Unique Sequin, Bead and Crystal Fashion and Gifts, INCLUDING Bling for your car, all in one convenient shopping location.

Check it Out NOW

Links to shopping partners mean Miss Cee’s palanquin bearers MIGHT get a tip, at no extra cost to you.

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