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BLING TOP 20 on Instagram SEE Our Favs TODAY!

Bling Top 20

SequinQueen brings you our Bling Top 20 on Instagram. Let’s face it. It’s not hard to find incredible bling on Instagram. Flashy lifestyles. Glam people. Designer houses. Sleek cars. And most of all, fabulous fashions. In fact there’s so much bling on Instagram you’re in danger of glitter overload.

But never fear.

We’ve spent hours poring over all the shimmer, shine and sparkle. We’ve sorted the very best bits of bling. And we’ve served them up in one starry location just for you.

The Best Bling on Instagram Starts Here.

Browse, gawk, envy and covet. Most of all take mental notes. Because the next time you’re in the mood for some bling our Top 20 is inspiration heaven.

2. Short Gold Bling Dress with Glittering Tassels.

SHOP Glittering Women’s Short Dresses

3. Multi-Colour Sequin Dress with Sequin Spikes.

SHOP Glittering Women’s Long Dresses

4. Lizzo Dazzling in a Versace Bling Short Dress with Glittering Tassels.

SHOP Glittering Women’s Short Dresses

5. Subtle Pastel Shaded Long Evening Gown with Crystal Patterns,

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Clothing

6. The Painstaking Work Behind Your Favorite Bling Fashions

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Clothing

7. JLo and Shakira Equal Bling Heaven

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Clothing

8. Putting Together a Grand Glitter Dress!

SHOP Glittering Women’s Short Dresses

9. Purple Long Dress with Deep V-Neck and Hanging Tassles.

SHOP Glittering Women’s Long Dresses

10. Red & Pink Nail Bling Art.

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Accessories

11. Silver Mirror Sequin Leotard Costume with Butterfly Wings.

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Swimwear and Lingerie

12. Long Gold Sequin Gown with Cape.

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Long Gowns

13. Gorgeous Wedding Gown with Sequins and Rhinestones.

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Clothing

14. Delicate Bridal Bling with Diamonds

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Clothing

15. Black Short Dress with Deep V-Neck and Full Sleeves.

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Short Dresses

16. Long Pink Dress with Long Sleeves Sequins and Beads.

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Long Gowns

17. Long Dress with Blue Sequins and Beads.

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Long Gowns

18. Long Silver Dress with Blue Rhinestones and Chinese Collar.

SHOP Sparkling Women’s Long Gowns

19. Black and Red Double Side Long Gown.

Shop Glittering Women’s Long Gowns

20. Long Blue Sequin Dress with One Shoulder and Slit.

Shop Long Bling Gowns

Bling Conclusion

Bling fashion is what steals most people’s hearts. Yes, there are a lot of blinged out shoes and watches and jewelry on Instagram. But it’s the sequin, bead, crystal and rhinestone clothing that everyone loves, likes and shares.

And if you’re in the mood to sparkle yourself, don’t forget to check out even MORE ideas for fashionable bling in our Online Shopping section.

At SequinQueen, we’re putting together the Internet’s Biggest Collection of Unique Sequin, Bead and Crystal Fashion and Gifts, all in one convenient shopping location.

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