ALL these bling little piggies are going to market

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Best bling nails videos on Instagram. Because there really seems to be no limit to the amount of bling you can fit on ten nails.

Miss Cee is NOT going to beat around the bush, luvbugs.

Here at the SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine we ADORE bling fingernails.


Read ALL our slathering testimonials to crystal and glitter embellished fingernails here:

You’ll be as enthusiastic as Miss Cee is by the time you get done.

But let’s face it.

Nothing beats a video.

Spesh if that video is of bling nails shining and sparkling like there’s no tomorrow all over Instagram.

You may even find that special nail art inspiration to show your manicurist on your next fume-laden visit to the salon.

And if your nail artist can’t get the job done you could even try it yourownself.

After all, you don’t have to bling your nails WHILE they are on your fingertips. You can use whichever press-on nails you prefer and decorate each one BEFORE you apply them to your nails.

What could be a better hobby.

It’s intricate.

Actually, it’s a bit like making fishing lures.

But with a LOT more bling.

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So prepare to be razzle dazzled by the GORGEOUS bling nails below. All lovingly edited by the shimmering team of Glitterists here at SequinQueen.

And once you’re done gawking scrolling, be sure to check out EVEN MORE astounding bling fingernails ideas on our Pinterest board.

1. Multi-Color Nail Polish on Medium Length Nail with Rhinestones.

2. Long Square Shaped Nails with Cream Nail Polish and Rhinestones.

3. Long Fake Coffin Tip Nails with Multi-Color Rhinestones and Glittering Nail Gel.

4. Flame Red Nail Polish on Coffin Tip Long Nails with Embellished Rhinestones.

5. Multi Color Nail Polish with Long Tip Finger Nails and Rhinestones.

6. Long Dual Color Nail Polish with Coffen Shape Nails with Rhinestones.

7. Long Square Shaped Fake Nails with Crystal Design.

8. Long Nude and Glittering White Nail Polish with Flower Design Rhinestones and Nail Tip Stud with Hanging Butterfly.

9. Long Finer Nail Art with Green Heart Rhinestones Design.

10. Different Shades of Blue Nail Polish with Rhinestone Design on Long Nails.

11. Coffin Tip, Long Nails with Rhinestone Embellished.


12. Pretty Pink Marble Finish Nail Polish with Rhinestones.

13. All Orange Shade Nail Polish with Medium Size Nail and Rhinestones.

14. Soft White Nail Polish with Glittering Rhinestones on Long Nails.

15. Orange Medium Length Nails with Glittering Rhinestones and Sequins Nail Art.

16. Long Coffin Shaped Nail Tips with Red and White Nail Polish with Sparkling Rhinestones Art.

17. Fake Finger Nails with White and Multi-Color Nail Polish and Embellished Rhinestones.

18. Long Nails with Simple Colored Nail Polish and Rhinestones.

19. Multi-Color Nail Polish with Rhinestones Design.

20. Medium Length Flat Box Shape Nails with White Nail Polish and Rhinestones.

21. Over-Sized Long Nails with Pink Nail Polish and Rhinestones.

22. Rubber Top Coat with Bling Nail Polish and Rhinestones on Long Coffin Nails.

23. Green Nail Polish with Long Coffin Nails and Rhinestones.

24. Best Bling Nails Videos on Instagram: Sharp Claw Shaped Nails with Bling Rhinestones.

25. Perfect Crystal Placement on Long Nails with Silver Shade Nail Polish.

26. Perfect Nude Shade Nail Polish with Crystals On Long Finger Nils.

27. Cream Nail Polish with Embellished Rhinestones on Toe Nail.

28. Betty Boop Design Nail Art with Red Nail Polish and Embellished Rhinestones.

29. Long Square Tip Finger Nails with Multi-Color Nail Polish and Rhinestones.

30. Beautiful Long Finger Nails with Flower Design and Embellished Rhinestones.

31. Short Finger Nails with White Nail Polish Shades and Embellished Rhinestones.

32. Long Finger Nails with Black and Marble Finish Nail Polish and Rhinestones.

33. Light Brown Nai Polish Shade with Red Glittering Rhinestone Nail Art.

34. Pink Nail Polish On Short Nails with Rhinestone Nail Art.

35. Long Finger Nails with Hello Kitty and Rhinestones.

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