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Bead and Crystal (and Sequin!) Holiday Season Purses

For the holiday season, nothing beats a bead and crystal clutch. Min and Miss Cee, THE Queen of All Things Bling, are OBSESSED with Mary Frances sequin and bead bags. OBSESSED. Is there anything their nimble little fingers can’t conjure onto holiday season purses and cluthes? Or, indeed, bags in general?

  • Khaleesi Couture

Mary F has been around for quite a while, so our most pressing quessie is, will they STILL be around 5 to 10 years from now? Or will they suffer bead burnout? Will these current bead, sequin and crystal purses become scarce collectors’ items Min can hock for Yours Truly on eBay for a fortune?

Let’s hope, though, it’s the former and not the latter as Miss Cee is just ITCHING to see what extravagant beaded bags they will dream up next–and whether anything new is coming out for Christmas.

  • O. M. Double G. And each bead put on by hand

On a related note, if Min keeps bringing my hourly latte in the same tardy fashion, she’ll be getting absolutely nothing on Jesus’s birthday. The earmarked money will go instead STRAIGHT into the Miss Cee New Years Eve Fund where it will be immediately siphoned off to purchase Miss Cee’s new NYE evening bag.

Unfortunately our recent SequinQueen post on designer clutches has turned us all off Haute Couture names for a while (well, maybe another day, two days, max). So a bang through Mary Frances is in order, and on the double.

  • A TROPICAL Christmas would be DIVINE. Drool

It’s AWFULLY taxing deciding what to snag, though. Almost EVERY non-Christmas-y beaded clutch they painstakingly make will look perfect under the glow of midnight fireworks. Perhaps one of everything then.

But I digress. Back to the holiday season purses and clutches. The items we’ve curated for you are fanciful, playful, gorgeous. SURE to bring festive cheer as you frolic among even the most over-stuffed, over-imbibed and over-the-whole-damn-season party-goers.

And, while the Mary Frances range is extensive, their festive items ARE geared more towards Christmas than Halloween. So we’ve included a couple of other delightful tricks/treats for your spooky reading and perusing pleasure (should you be reading this before Halloween).

HAPPY sequin and bead bag shopping, luvbugs. Lord knows, you deserve it almost as much as Miss Cee.

Mary Fances Bead and Crystal Skull Bag

Halloween Sequin Jute Tote Bag

Sequin Skull Backpack

Sequin and Bead Coffin Shoulder Bag

Sequin Bear Backpack

(Not specifically for Halloween, but have you ever seen anything MORE terrifying in your life? Your kids will be in therapy for YEARS.)

Mary Frances Day of the Dead, Bead and Crystal Clutch

Rhinestone and Stud Shoulder Bag

BOO! Sequin Bat Tote

Mary Frances Beaded Pumpkin Purse

Disney Minnie Mouse Sequin Halloween Backpack

Mary Frances Beaded Elephant Purse

(Also not Halloween per se, but that elephant looks ready to trample a whole village to dust.)

Mary Frances Bouquet Sequin and Bead Bag

Antique-look Bead Clutch

Mary Frances Christmas Tree Bead and Jewel Shoulder Bag

Mary Frances Holiday Hearth Bead and Sequin Handbag

Gingerbread House Bead and Crystal Purse

Mary Frances Bead and Jewel Reindeer Clutch

Mary Frances Jolly Santa Bead Bag

Mary Frances Bead and Crystal Holiday Drums Purse

Mary Frances Snowman Bead Purse

Mary Frances Bead and Crystal Christmas Tree Wristlet Bag

Mary Frances Peppermint Candy Bead and Crystal Christmas Purse

Crystal Snowflake Clutch

Mary Frances Giftwrap Bead and Crystal Bag

Mary Frances Snowman with Hat Crystal and Bead Bag

Mary Frances Christmas Cookies Bead Hangbag


OH my lawd–that last one, the Christmas Cookies Clutch, is to DIE for!

If you’re shopping for Halloween- or Christmas-themed purses and clutches in beads, sequins and crystals, SequinQueen’s curated selection gives you the MOST dazzling options, sure to make you the talk of the party. For all the right reasons. For a change.

At SequinQueen, we’re putting together the Internet’s Biggest Collection of Unique Sequin, Bead and Crystal Fashion and Gifts, all in one convenient shopping location.

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