Make a No-Sew Sequin Dress TODAY!

It's SO simple you'll collapse with relief

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You’ve seen our sewing guide for sequin dresses.

You’ve sewn the most DIVINE sequin dress in creation.

Pat yourownself on the back!

But what if you aren’t in the mood to crank out the sewing machine again?

The answer is the no-sew sequin dress.

Which means, you can make your own sequin dress without any sewing AT ALL.

Not. One. Stitch.

What you need to make a No-Sew Sequin Dress

Orly Shani, The DIY Designer, and complete DARLING, shows you how to make a no-sew sequin dress with 1 yard of sequin fabric, 5 safety pins, a brooch, a knot and about 10 minutes of your time.

You’ll be, as she says, the hit of the party.

THAT’S what sequins can do for you, poppets.

You’ll also see, in the video, which is a segment from the show Home & Family, just how ADDICTIVE sequin flip fabric is.

Over to Orly:

In Conclusion – Go forth and BLING!

Once you’ve mastered those exceedingly easy instructions, pop online and BUY all the items you need to make your own no-sew sequin dress in the ONE place, luvbugs:

SequinQueen Shop

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