How to BLING WRAP Your CAR: Maximum DAZZLE Can Be Yours TODAY!

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How to bling wrap your car is PERFECT for us here at the SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine.

We’re ALL about the bling. The shine. The glitter. The glam.

Shrinking violets need not apply. You need to be prepared to STAND OUT, poppets.

And what better place to stand out than at busy intersections.

Or in the car park.

On the freeway.

The KFC drive-thru.

Dragging the cops off at the traffic lights.

You get the idea.

At SequinQueen we’ve discovered the BEST way to do that is with a car vinyl wrap.

A chrome or holographic auto vinyl wrap to be precise.

Quite frankly bling doesn’t get ANY bigger than a whole car covered in blinding coloured chrome.

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We’re about to delve headfirst into the nitty gritty of how to bling wrap your car. But first, skool yerselves with this list of car bling info:

  • can protect your car’s original paintjob
  • lasts several years or up to the lifetime of the car depending on care
  • is relatively easy to remove
  • a pro job will cost between $1500 to $5000 or more
  • a pro job should take several days
  • can be DIY-ed at home with patience and a nicely chilled bottle of Chardonnay
  • you can also wrap smaller items like interior surfaces, logos and window trim
  • will raise your street cred by a factor of about a billion

1. To start us off, here are some professionals vinyl wrapping a Benz in metallic matte purple.

Not sure about yerownselves but if Miss Cee had a perfectly good black Merc she wouldn’t be letting a whole passel of strangers with utility knives anydamnwhere near it.

But the finished product IS fabulous.

LOVE that purple.

You can see some pro tips here too. Like cutting and labelling the wrap into sections.

And whatever they are doing with what looks like giant dental floss.

2. Want to save a couple of grand? Then consider wrapping your car at home.

There MUST be something magical about that vinyl material. It goes on looking like the worst Saran Wrap disaster you’ve ever had.

You give it a little massage. A touch here. A brush there.

And five minutes later it’s PERFECT.

3. Mistakes to avoid if’n you DO wrap your own car.

Yep. Miss Cee would make ALL of those mistakes.

Spesh over-stretching the vinyl.

4. A 20 minute tutorial about how to vinyl wrap your car by Orafol.

5. Appaz you can wrap your car in just 10 minutes?!

Okay. So it’s the VIDEO that takes 10 minutes. Good summary of the tools you’re gonna need though, luvbugs.

Squeegee. Wrap glove. Isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol for yerownself.

Quite obviously.

6. Comparison of vinyl wraps from 3m, Inozetek, Vvivid and Avery.

7. How to install glossy wrap INSIDE your car.

If you don’t want to stuff up start with your entire car exterior you can practice on smaller INTERIOR bits first.

There are a couple of OTHER things Miss Cee can think of asking Christian to wrap. None of them in any way connected to automobiles.

Swoon. He’s ALL flavors of thirst quenching.

8. An in-depth discussion of wrap costs for pro wrapping or DIY wrapping.

There are a whole slew of factors that determine the final cost if’n you want to use a pro wrapper. What kind of car you have. The condition your car is in. The experience level of the wrapper.

Those are just for starters.

So you’ll prolly need at least one latte to get through all this info.

9. It’s not JUST bling you can wrap your car in. Weird and wonderful paintjobs and wraps.

LOVE the heat sensitive option.

Glow in the dark might not be the best if you plan on skulking around the back streets at night.

10. Wheel wraps are another good place for amateurs to begin.

11. Paint? Plastic? Or vinyl wrap? A discussion of the pros and cons of each.

12. Appaz matte black wrap is NOT a great idea?

13. You’re gonna need a HEAT GUN to help you vinyl wrap your car.

Notice how pros remove the fenders too, chickadees. That’s a sure sign of a caring master at work.

14. Holographic car wrap is the OFF THE CHARTS.

Miss Cee is considering wrapping her palanquin in this holographic wonder vinyl.

15. Be careful to put your vinyl wrap on AND off in a way that will not ruin your car’s paint job!

16. Car wrapping is serious stuff. With competitions and World Masters.

17. To round things off take a squizz at these INCREDIBLY creative car wraps.

Those are some INSPIRATIONAL auto vinyl wraps.

Miss Cee wants them ALL.

In fact, once you get skilled in wrapping your car there’s no reason you can’t mix it up and try a new wrap monthly!

How to Bling Wrap Your Car Conclusion

The main reason to bling wrap your car is very simple.

Let’s say TOTALLY HYPOTHETICALLY that you want might need imagine to rob a bank.

Arrive in your hot metallic wrapped fuchsia Toyota. Everyone WILL notice you.

Make the ‘withdrawal’.

Yank off that vinyl wrap to reveal the dull grey your jalopy ORIGINALLY was.

No one will take any notice of your getaway.

The perfect crime? Well maybe. But it’s getting so damnably hard to find a bank that keeps cash on hand these days.

You’ll just have to vinyl wrap your car and content yourself with being the ENVY of the ‘hood.

And of doing something ELSE your parents don’t understand.

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