Bling GIFT Ideas 12 Shimmery SOLUTIONS

Gift ideas for the MOST difficult people in your life

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Miss Cee's MUST-Haves December 9 2019

What gifts do you buy the person who has almost everything? Bling, poppets, BLING. These 12 MUST-Have Bling Gift Ideas are perfection itsownself, even for the MOST difficult people in your life (i.e. anyone who is not you) .

1. Women’s Warm-as-Toast Sequin UGG boots

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UGG boots are just what their name suggests, poppets, damnably UGLY. But sweet Lord are they warm and cosy. And let’s face it, when it’s cold, if not snowy/blizzardy/horrendous, will you care? Not if you’re wearing these babies. And they come in a DIVINE gold color too, which Miss Cee will soon be dipping her delicately pedicured hoofs into as she explores the devil-may-care world of wearing what is basically a moon-boot. But with sequins, which makes it okay. Oh, and thinking v. v. briefly of other people, these make a PERFECT gift for your mother, who will lavish you with the love you think you deserve once she tries them on.

2. Natural Sapphire, Diamond and 18K White Gold Bracelet Bling Gift Idea

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This bauble is the Real Deal, so is not for the faint of heart nor checkbook. Now, Miss Cee has skooled youse all in this before but here it is again: Sapphires and Rubies are Rarer than Diamonds. Repeat that like a yoga mantra, kids, and you will not go wrong in life. And for whom would you buy this extravagant but elegant Bracelet o’ Bling? ONLY for your most significant Sig Oth–or, someone with whom you want to stay on exceedingly good terms, such as a grandmother with a Will, a pen, a passel of lawyers and an itchy signing hand.

3. Swarovski Crystal-Bejewelled iPhone 7 Plus Case

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If an angry supermodel or actor threw this at you, it’d do some BIG damage to your fresh, dewey and recently Thermaged skin. But it WOULD sparkle and gleam as it speared through the air before knocking you into next week. Which, incidentally, is where Min is going unless Morning Latte #4 appears on my desk immij. Anyhoot, buy for the iPhone devotees in your family. Or browse our whole selection which includes blinged-out phone cases for non-iPhones as well.

4. Snowflake Tiara Bling Gift Idea

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Save this one for Christmas, because every family has one member who goes UTTERLY Christmas cray-cray. And THIS is the gift for that person. Whether the person is a man or a woman, this snowflake tiara will make all their Christmasses come at once. Plus, the nice young orderlies will be able to identify That Person more easily when they descend to whisk them briskly away.

5. Rose Gold Plated Zodiac-Themed Expandable Bracelet

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In the extended Quin family several Aged Aunts have inexplicably turned to sugar, rather than alcohol, and now possess wrists as thick as tree trunks. And that is precisely where an expandable bracelet, bedecked in all sorts of astrological bling, comes in. Of course, you DO need to know the birthdate and therefore Zodiac sign of said Aged Aunts to ensure you match the correct hoogedy-boogedy symbol to the correct Aunt. If you’re not sure, ask the person wearing the snowflake tiara. They tend to know that sort of trivia.

6. Girls’ Sequin Butterfly and Lace T-Shirt Bling Gift Idea

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Learning how and where to wear sequins, beads and crystals correctly is an art form best begun young–a bit like learning the piano at three-years-old with a Dragon Mother breathing down your neck. For any nieces with their eyes on the bling prize, you can’t go wrong with this.

7. Sequin Unicorn Plush Toy

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Look, really LOOK, at those jaunty rainbow tail and mane plumes. This sequin plush toy is HILARIOUS, TDF and Too Cute. Had someone come to Yours Truly in the past and asked to fire up the factory to make some sequin plush toys, Yours Truly would have thought they needed a trip to the comfortable room at Sunnydale Vistas. After all, how many people can find cuddling sequins pleasurable? Apparently quite lot based on the number and styles of sequin plush toys now available. Miss Cee’s going to stick that one in the file of Great Missed Business Opportunities. YOU on the other hand can give the little’uns in yer fambly the bestest birthday ever.

8. Decorative Sequin Throw-Pillow

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Woman, man, girl, boy. EVERYone in your family can receive a sequin or bead throw-pillow and all will be THRILLED to bits with it. Trust Miss Cee on this one. It’s been the Quin family standard go-to gift for years. Nay, decades. No need to worry about sizes, cheap as chips (ish) and you can do all your shopping for everyone at the same time. Every Quin sofa is full up to dolly’s wax with them but still we can’t get enough. And we’ve got oooodles of these sequin cushions online too.

9. Gold-Plated Vampire Fang Grillz with Crystals

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Have you got a rapper in the family? Or a goth who can’t resist a bit of bling in spite of themselves? Or maybe an actual vampire with dental issues? The Quin family’s got all three. Some more than once. So there’s those impossible-to-buy-for ingrates all sewn up in one fell swoop, to mix metaphors. Which means it’s time for a celebratory slap of champagne for Yours Truly.

10. Women’s Wristwatch with Swarovski Crystals

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Another PERFECT go-to gift. A watch gives any recipient the warm-and-fuzzies PLUS, if it has an alarm, you can pre-set to remind them when it’s time to go home. Say, 2:30 in the afternoon. But back to the task at hand. This sparkly stunner has Swarovski crystals around the dial, a leather band, and comes in a variety of colors including gold, and black with rainbow crystals. At SequinQueen, we haven’t forgotten the fellas. So for the man/men in your life check out our fabulous but very manly wristwatches and other accessories with bling.

11. Crystal and Brass Bathroom Hardware Set Bling Gift Idea

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For that special someone who has literally every-damn-thing, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than somewhere glittery to hang toot paper. And Miss Cee should know, seeing as Grandma Quin dolled these out to all and sundry herownself last year. And, quite frankly, this set of bathroom hardware IS the gift that keeps on giving. Because Yours Truly then gave it to Min the very next day.

12. Beaded Pineapple Evening Clutch Purse

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Mary Frances. You’ve made Miss Cee dream of a warm, possibly Antipodean, vacation under palm trees where fragrant breezes and the rhythmic lap-lapping of gentle waves lull Yours Truly off to sleep in a softly rocking hammock and give her long-suffering (so SHE says) personal assistant, Min, five minutes’ worth of peace.

THAT’S the spell your beaded bags weave, Mary. And while that five minutes doesn’t seem very feasible ATM, it’s always refreshing to dream, or in Min’s case, to live in hope.

Halloween. CHECK. Thanksgiving. CHECK. Christmas. PANIC. But sooth your raw and throbbing nerves with more of the Mary Frances bags we LOVE the most at SequinQueen

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This bag definitely falls into the category of Gifts TO Miss Cee, FROM Miss Cee, which means it must unfortunately go to Grandma Quin on her next birthday, to keep the old dear on side. But she’ll get a kick out of it–and then Miss Cee will borrow it back.

Bling Gift Ideas Conclusion

Eclectic, envigorating, electrifying. If you can’t find something for everyone in this array of blinged-out gift ideas, you need to put that bottle of champagne down and FOCUS. Just remind yourself what turning up giftless feels like. That tends to galvanize the mind, and the credit card.

For MORE amazing sequin, bead and crystal Gift Ideas, check out our enormous curated shopping section now!


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