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PHONE + TECH BLING   Freshly Curated 15 May There’s no need to leave the bling at home. A crystallized iPhone, mouse, stapler, calculator or

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MORE CATEGORY FAVORITES Browse SequinQueen’s favorite weekly category items. From car bling to house bling to women’s sequin dresses, crystallized wedding heels, men’s glittering accessories

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Custom Dress Bling

CUSTOM DRESS BLING Custom dress bling is PERFECT for dancers, performers, drag queens, birthdays and even weddings. All items are able to be custom sized,

Shop Sparkling Fashion as More and more designers are finding their way online. Thrill to Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Cartier and Rolex fashion and accessories

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SHOP CURATED BLING FASHION + ACCESSORIES   Freshly Curated 11 May SPARKLING is a State of Mind! Read How to Add Glamour, Glitz and Glitter

Sparkling Life

Your Sparkling Life Magazine

Attention to Detail. Fashion-forward. Unafraid to Shine See the best of glittering bling nails, astounding jewelry and accessories, glamorous wardrobe solutions –  and the most

Wedding Bling

Wedding Bling

WEDDING BLING   Freshly Curated 11 May Weddings are the perfect time for understated bling. A touch of sequin or crystal embroidery gives the perfect

Shop Women's Bling Fashion Feast on SequinQueen’s curated bead, sequin, crystal and rhinestone women’s clothing. Our edited collection has you covered for effortless daywear sparkle. Or shop for a statement dress

Women’s Bling Fashion

WOMEN’S BLING FASHION   Freshly Curated  11 May Feast on SequinQueen’s curated bead, sequin, crystal and rhinestone women’s clothing. Our edited collection has you covered

Bling Menswear Online Whether you’re in the mood for men’s shirts, tees or hoodies with a hint of sparkle, or looking to buy a fully blinged-out suitcoat, SequinQueen has got you covered

Men’s Bling

BLING FOR MEN   Freshly Curated 14 May Whether you’re in the mood for men’s shirts, tees or hoodies with a hint of sparkle, or

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Bling Homes

BLING YOUR HOME   Freshly Curated 15 May Homeware trends are constantly changing, but crystals, and even sequins, will always add a touch of glamour

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Designer Bling

DESIGNER BLING   Freshly Curated 29 April More designers are finding their way online, even to Amazon. Thrill to fashions and accessories from Prada, D&G,

Buy Kid's Bling Online and Delight your children with SequinQueen’s edited collection of kids' sequin clothing, shimmering shoes and bags, blinged-out toys and more

Kids’ Bling

BLING FOR KIDS   Freshly Curated 15 May Shopping solutions that sparkle for kids of all ages. From sequin clothing and t-shirts to blinged-out toys,

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Car Bling

BLING YOUR CAR   Freshly Curated 14 May At no other time in history have so many people woken up each day and spent all

Pet Bling

BLING FOR PETS   Freshly Curated 14 May REALLY spoil your best friend with a sequin or rhinestone encrusted coat, collar, leash or bowl! The

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LOVED BLING STORES   Freshly Curated 13 May Many companies specialize in bling. But some do it better than others! Here are SequinQueen’s favorite online

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Sparkly Gifts

SPARKLY GIFTS   Freshly Curated 14 May Unique gifts come with some extra sparkle, glitter and glamour!  SequinQueen’s carefully curated bling gift guide will make

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About Us At SequinQueen, we’re obsessed with ALL that Glitters online. OBSESSED! Every day we edit together our favorite BLING, including our Best Ofs, Must

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BLING DEALS + EXTRAS   Freshly Curated 20 March Shop the BEST curated BLING DEALS, SALES, BUDGET BLING, EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS and SAVINGS in one place.

Buy Sequin and Beaded Wedding Fashions. Weddings are the perfect time for understated bling. Shop unique veils, bridal slippers and bridal accessories such as crystal belts, hair combs and gloves

Women’s Accessories

WOMEN’S ACCESSORIES   Freshly Curated 11 May Bling is on EVERYTHING! Find your glittery bliss on a pair of crystallized women’s heels, or sunglasses highlighted

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