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11 Amazing Blinged-out Looks by Beyonce

Beyonce in sequins

Some of you doubting luvbugs might think there is no way Miss Cee would EVER concede Beyonce is the new Queen of Bling. Perhaps you even think this post will be full of petty, thinly-veiled jealousies and snarky passive-agressiveness. And you’d be right. On all counts.

But even Yours Truly acknowledges Beyonce’s bling is some next level unrealness. Will Miss Cee capitulate and crown Beyonce the queen? Read on to find out.

Beyonce - The Formation World Tour, at Wembley Stadium in London, England
  • Beyonce Knowles

Okay, okay. Beyonce worked her perfectly-shaped butt off to become one of the biggest musical stars of all time. BUT Beyonce also won the lottery of life.

Not only does she look like a goddess, Ms. Knowles has the voice of an angel, writes a mean tune AND can move her booty in a way that makes men lose what little they had left of their feeble minds. Yes, Yeezy, Miss Cee is looking at you and yer mic-snatchin’ shenanigans.

  • “I did it because Beyonce’s bling is bigger…”

Little Bey-Know started out as a member of December’s Child, was it? DESTINY’S Child. Remember them? No, neither does Miss Cee. Anyhoot, she swiftly had the other members of the group chewing on mouthfuls of her Bey-dust while she went on to superstardom and a boatload of adoration, awards and greenbacks.

Continuing her upward sprint to the finish line, Beyonce married another superstar, who has an even more capacious crater-load of cash, popped out three ADORABLE kittens, including twins, and lives in one (and more) of the world’s most expensive houses.

  • No mega-mansion is complete without a sneakers room

And yet, despite what must be a whirlwind lifestyle and schedule, Ms. Knowles STILL finds time for forgiveness, specifically of her hubbie’s side-booty-snatchin’ indiscretion. The last word in that previous sentence isn’t a plural because let us hope that, after the Bey-Goddess told the whole world about it on her Lemonade album, he’s learned hisownself a lesson.

Enough digressing. Clear your own whirlwind schedules for a gander at some of the recent blinged-out lewks and DIVINE sequin, bead and/or crystal dresses that make BeyBey a threat.

Beyonce’s Blinged-Out Dresses

Corset gown with transparent sequins over nude-color fabric

  • AND with a billion-dollar-banknote, all-crystal clutch

Chinese-collar long sleeve gown with red crystals on red stretch fabric

  • And those red crystal sunglass are TDF

Brown crystals with dark cream fabric mini wrap dress

  • The same type of crystals as on the red gown above, kids

Chinese-collar long sleeve gown with vermicelli beads and sequins in canary yellow

  • Accessorized with THAT body. Lordy

Applique embroidered bead one-shoulder gown in deep red

  • Like a true Contender Queen, Beyonce resists the temptation for a necklace

Shell and pearl bead leotard

  • Exceptionally unusual combination that serves up tribal glamour

Crystal embroidered suitcoat evening dress

  • A level of bling that is simply off the charts

Sequin, bead, crystal and feather spaghetti strap gown in gold

  • Diaphanous mini-cape takes this piece to another world

Metallic silver sequin off-the-shoulder bodysuit

  • WITH flowing organza cape

Long sleeve suitcoat leotard with crystals on white fabric and oversized belt

  • Does anyone think the crystal palette hat and thigh-high crystal boots are too much? No? Good

Sequin and bead lion-theme bodysuit with feathers and voluminous cape

  • Gilded feathers for the lion’s mane are PURE genius, poppets


Beyonce consistently serves up blinged-out gowns, leotards, bodysuits, dresses and mini dresses that outshine ALL her industry competition, not just in terms of the sheer amount of sparkle and glitter, but also for creativity, risk-taking and take-your-breath-away-ness.

But no. Beyonce is NOT the New Queen of Bling. THE Queen of All Bling is Yours Truly, Miss Cee. Beyonce is, however, a Contender Queen. And that’s not a bad thing, poppets, so don’t go sending in a whole lot of ungrammatical emails railing about the unfairness of life.

And, as Beyonce is a true Contender Queen, long may she live–and shimmer.

Bonus bling:

  • Basically EVERYthing in this vid
  • AND everything here too…

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