Astounding MIRROR DRESS Instagram Videos

Move over sequins! Move over rhinestones!

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Astounding mirror dress Instagram videos. Because these bling dresses are maximum bling couture.

It wasn’t so long ago that bling on a dress depended on how many sequins it had.

Or beads.

Or rhinestones.

In fact, rhinestones were pretty much the ultimate in bling for decades.

And then mirror dresses and gowns came along.

Mirror dress fashion is not made with pieces of real mirror.

Real mirrors are too brittle and have sharp edges.

Plus they would be way too heavy to cover a whole dress in.

These mirror pieces are actually made of shiny acrylic.

Basically a glittery type of plastic.

Sometimes they are attached to the dress base using fabric glue.

But more often tiny holes are drilled into the corners or edges of the acrylic pieces.

These holes let skilled seamstresses sew the acrylic pieces to the dress using thread.

And that means mirror dresses and gowns are not only very glittery but also very durable.

Here at the SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine that’s what we’re all about.

Anything very glittery.

Which is why it’s such a bonus that acrylic mirrors are no longer only on dresses.

You’ll find them sparkling on festival costumes.

Men’s suit coats.

Even hats.

SequinQueen Shop

But whatever acrylic mirrors end up on they give maximum sparkle to.

Their bling surface area is larger than even paillette sequins.

And enormous compared to tiny rhinestones.

So scroll through the astounding mirror dresses on Instagram the hard working SequinQueen Glitterists have curated.

You’ll be as blown away as we are!

But if you need even more big bling inspiration take a look at our mirror dress Pinterest board!

1. Astounding Mirror Dress Instagram Videos: Short Gold Mirror Dress with Long Sleeves and High Neckline.

2. Mirror Sequin Embellished Long Orange Gown with One Sleeve.

3. Gold Off the Shoulder Sleeveless Mirror Dress and Black Ruffle Skirt.

4. Gold Glittering Mirror Sequin Body Suit with Long Sleeves and Beaded Fringes.

5. Astounding Mirror Dress Instagram Videos: Glitter Gold Mirror Body Tape.

6. Long Gold Mirror Sleeveless Gown with High Neckline.

7. Silver Mirror Swimwear Suit with Gold Mirror Face Mask and Gold High Heels Boots.

8. Long Silver with Black Mirror Dress with Short Sleeves and Beaded Hanging Fringes and Long Slit.

9. Silver Mirror Sequin Sleeveless Short Dress with High Neck.

10. Astounding Mirror Dress Instagram Videos: Short Off the Shoulder Mirror Sequin Dress with Sweetheart Neckline and Tie Back.

11. Gold Mirror Sequin Gown with One Shoulder and Beaded Fringes.

12. Astounding Mirror Dress Instagram Videos: Gold and Silver Dual Color Mirror Sequin Short Dress with V-Neck and Long Sleeves.

13. Long Off the Shoulder Silver and Gold Mirror Sequin Gown with Silver Mirror Sequin Men’s Blazer.

14. Long Gold Mirror Sequins Gown with Long Sleeves and Bow Tie Back Dress.

15. Astounding Mirror Dress Instagram Videos: Short V-Neck Sleeves Red Mirror Sequin Dress.

16. Astounding Mirror Dress Instagram Videos: One Shoulder Long Gold Mirror Sequin Sleeveless Gown with High Slit.

17. Silver Mirror Sequin Dress with Short Maggie Sleeves and High Neck Embellished with Crystals.

18. Silver Mirror Jump Suit Lady Gaga Style for Parties.

19. Blue Mirror Sequin Gown, Sleeveless and Deep V-Neck and Open Back.

20. Astounding Mirror Dress Instagram Videos: Silver Mirror Sequin Set with Men’s Jacket, Pant and Shoes with Ladies Top, Skirt and Shoes.

21. Beautiful Gold Mirror Sequin Gown with Chinese Collor and Long Sleeves Gown.

22. Silver Mirror Sequin Pull Over Hoodie with Front Zip and Long Sleeves.

23. Astounding Mirror Dress Instagram Videos: Shimmering Green Mirror Sequin Sleeveless Long Gown.

24. Custom Handmade Silver Mirror Sequin Sleeveless Dress with Halter Neck.

25. Astounding Mirror Dress Instagram Videos: Multi-Color Mirror Sequins Long Cami Top Gown with Tie Back and High Slit.

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