Instagram’s BEST SEQUIN DRESS Videos

Fashion staple. Your best bling friend

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Instagram’s best sequin dress videos. Because if you need bling inspiration these dresses are just that.

Ah, the good old sequin dress.

Beloved fashion staple of Glitterists the WORLD over.

Including your truly, the ever sparkly Miss Cee Cee Quin.

If you faithful glittery readers are ANYTHING like Miss Cee you probably got the first dose of bling lust from a sequin dress.

For most of us a bling prom dress is the first contact with sequins or crystal or rhinestone fashion.

And for many budding fashion mavens a sequin prom gown may be their first big sequin purchase.

Because NOTHING beats a blinding entrance to prom.

You might even be the one who spikes the punch and gets away with it.

Like Min wishes she did.

And if you’re wearing BIG BLING with an embellished prom dress you’ll be getting all sorts of lewks.

ALL sorts.

Here at the SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine that’s what we LOVE.

Bling drawing attention to the fabulousness that is YOU.

Some of you lucky poppets out there will also have some red carpets in the future.

And you can’t go wrong with another sequin dress for each and every one of those events.

You’ll be in couture of course.

There’s NOTHING designers like better than showing off their haute couture skills with a sequin gown.

SequinQueen Shop

Become an even bigger star and you’ll even get to keep the dress.

But right now you need to start planning.

What type of sequin dress would you most love?

What style of glittering gown will look the most flattering on you?

Take your time and DROOL over the FABULOUS inspirational bling sequin dress videos we’ve curated for you from Instagram below.

And if that’s STILL not enough sequin gown inspiration take a look at all the sequin outfits in our Red Carpet Bling Pinterest board for even more!

2. Long Off-Shoulder Sequin Embellished Sweetheart Neck Gown with High Slit.

3. Green Long Sequin Gown with High Neck and Long Sleeves.

4. All Black Long Sleeves High Neck with Open Back Short Dress.

5. Pink Short Embellished Rhinestones and Beads Short Sleeves with Oranza Ruffle Dress Train.

6. Black Sequin Short Off Shoulder Strap Sleeveless Dress.

7. Short Off-Shoulder Sequin Sleeveless Dress with Organza Skirt.

8. Short Black Rhinestones Embellished Strap Dress.

9. All Pink Sleeveless Beaded Fringe Dress.

10. Long Orange Embellished High Neck Long Sleeves Gown with Feathers Trim.

11. Long Red Gown with One Shoulder Cris Cross Strap with Embellished Trims.

12. Blue Sequin Embellished Long Gown with One Shoulder and High Slit.

13. 1960s Handmade Sequin Gown Wrap Dress with Adjustable Taffeta Cross Back Straps.

14. Red One Shoulder Long Gown with Embellished Sequins and High Slit.

15. Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Glass Sequin Short Dress.

16. Blue Mirror Sequin Sleeveless Dress with V-Neck.

17. Rose Gold Long Dress with Boat Neck and Sleeveless Dress.

18. Which Sequin Gown Would You Choose?

19. Maxi High Collar Sequin Long Sleeves Evening Gown.

20. DIY Long Sequin Fabric Dress with Sequin Fabric.

21. Short Blue Beaded Fringe Strap Dress.

22. Sleeveless Off-Shoulder Yellow Gown with Embellished Sequins and High Slit.

23. Long Blue Sequin One Shoulder Sleeveless Gown.

24. Black One Shoulder Sleeveless Gown with High Slit and Embellished Rhinestones Trim.

25. Short Sequin and Rhinestones Embellished Dress with Long Dress Train.

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