Instagram’s Most Amazing CELEBRITY Bling

What sets celebs apart? Their over the top bling!

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Instagram’s most amazing celebrity bling. Because SOMEONE has to blaze the bling trail.

Yes, kids, and that someone may as well be your fav celeb.

How many pieces of bling clothing or accessories do YOU own?




Do you need a whole house room just to keep your shimmering fashions in?

If so you’re a Glitterist after Miss Cee’s very own heart.

But no matter how many pieces of bling you have, a celeb has tried and tested each and every one of them.

Isn’t that kind of them?

Well, no.

Celebrities often get their bling for free.

Lots of times they get to keep it too.

Sometimes they even get PAID to wear that bling.

Though if it’s an eye wateringly expensive set of jewelry they’ll have to give THAT back.

Armed guards standing nearby will make sure of that.

And that no one ELSE gets anywhere near the Good Stuff.

Designers are always eager to get publicity for their latest creations.

But they also want FEEDBACK on those new lewks.

Here at the SequinQueen Sparkling Life Magazine we love bling so much we spend MOST of our waking hours searching social media for the newest shining trends.

And that is EXACTLY what designers of bling shoes, bags, jewelry and clothing do.

They check their accounts and accounts of influencers to see how many likes and comments their items are generating.

For obvious reasons.

SequinQueen Shop

Then they know what is going to sell well and make their businesses the most money.

So next time you see your favorite actor or singer strutting their stuff on the red carpet take special note of what they are modeling.

It might just end up the next item YOU buy.

Or it may be a one off.

Never to be repeated.

So take an inspirational look at Instagram’s most amazing celeb bling, curated just for you DIVINE poppets by all of us the minions Miss Cee delegates everything to here at SequinQueen.

1. Cardi B Wearing a Long Sequin Red Gown with Long Sleeves and Feathers and Jeweled Head Dress.

2. Kristen Stewart Wearing A Whine Sleeveless Embellished Gown.

3. Selena Gomez Wearing a Long White Strap Gown with Embellished Rhinestones and Sequins with High Slit.

4. Zendaya Wearing A Pink Off-Shoulder Gown with Matching Bracelet and Necklace.

5. Kim Kardashian Wearing A Gold Sequin Sleeveless Backless Dress with Diamond Earrings.

6. Lady Gaga Sporting Glittering Black Sequin and Rhinestone Bikini Wear.

7. Katy Perry Wearing a Chandelier Costume Dress for The Met Gala.

8. Blake Lively Wearing A Long Designer Off-Shoulder Gown with Long Train.

9. Taylor Swift Wearing A Long Sleeves Top and Long Evening Skirt with Diamond Earrings.

10. Emily Ratajkowski Wearing a Backless Long Body Chain Gown.

11. Chloe Bailey Wearing A Purple Embellished Designer Off-Shoulder Gown.

12. Zendaya Wearing Her Met Gala Costume.

13. Gwen Stefani Wearing an Off Shoulder Mini Dress In White Embellished with Rhinestones and Thigh High Boots.

14. Angela Bassett Wearing A Red Sequin Long Pant Jumpsuit with Matching Jewellery.

15. Lily-Rose Depp Wears a Black Sleeveless V-Neck Gown with Golden Body Chains.

16. Jlo Wearing A Short Sequin Dress With Long Sleeves and High Heels.

17. Kendall Jenner Wearing a Long Orange Strap Gown with Deep V-Neck Embellished Dress.

18. Katy Perry Dresses in Gold Sequin and Embellished Short Dress with Angel Wings

19. Doja Cat with Red Crystals Applied On the Body by Hand.

20. Taylor Swift Wearing An Embellished Pink Top and Short Skirt.

21. Zayn Malik Wearing a Black Waist Coat with Silver Metallic Sleeves and Gigi with a Long Off the Shoulder Sequin Embellished Gown.

22. Nicki Minaj Wears a Fiery Red Long Embellished Gown with Long Train and High Heels.

23. Quinta Brunson Wearing A Long Embellished Sequin Off-Shoulder Gown.

24. Camila Coelho Wearing A Short Sequin Dress with Long Organza Ruffle Train.

25. Beyonce Wearing A Glittering Sequin Long Sleeves V-Neck Mini Dress.

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